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Here you will find information on the professional skin care line used both in treatment and retail for you to continue results from home.

If you would like assistance choosing the right products for you. Please feel free to contact and ask questions or book in for a FREE Skin Consultation. 

Juliette Armand Elements pride their products on being able to adapt to ‘your skin’s mood’. We all understand we have a skin type but sometimes we suffer with certain conditions that we struggle to improve and this is when we need a professional skin therapist to talk to about our skin, someone who understands what our skin needs and knows what to do to improve it! This is where a Juliette Armand Elements Facial comes to the rescue. The amazing difference between this facial and most others available is that this treatment will be completely customised for you! This treatment also includes a customised prescription for your skins recommendations.

Juliette Armand is a leading professional skincare brand established in 1992. 

Juliette Armand specialize in creating high performance skincare with maximum efficiency formulations that are tailored to meet the highest standards of professional skincare. Their products are designed with advanced technology, and their range of products include a wide variety of cleansers, toners, serums, masks, and moisturizers to provide skin with the nourishment and protection it needs. Juliette Armand offers a range of products specifically designed to meet all skin types and needs.

Try Juliette Armand to experience the power of professional skincare.


Elements Skincare

Elements is a ‘personal professional’ line of high-end skincare products. The line represents the targeted solutions offered by the spectacular advances in cosmetology, as well as the commitment to always providing top-of-the-line products for best results and maximum efficiency. 

The Elements skincare line, based on innovative ingredients & technology, offers beauty formulas that are entirely in line with world trends in cosmetology and the most recent scientific advancements. 


Among the line’s characteristic advantages is the multifaceted action of the products covering all skin requirements for the face and body in accordance with modern anti-ageing, anti-acne, and well-being methods. The functional product classification enables the selection of specific products and offers unlimited possibilities of product combinations.


The skin has moods. It speaks to us and requires values. This is how Juliette Armand Elements diagnose the skin, taking steps beyond the definitions of sensitive, dry, and oily skin and proceeding to a more holistic… more specific… more personal professional diagnosis.

Not all normal skins age at the same pace, not all dry skins are affected by the environment to the same extent. A serum cannot have the same effect even on similar skin types. That is why the Juliette Armand treatments need to be performed by a qualified beauty professionals who can diagnose each person’s skin mood and recommend specific, personalized treatments.

That is the reason why Juliette Armand created multidimensional products: to achieve maximum efficiency for every skin mood.


All Juliette Armand products are dermatologically tested (not on animals) and are paraben free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free and allergen free.

Skin Boosters:

Skin Boosters line brings you the revolution in cosmetology science and assures our commitment to providing you with high-end, top-quality products, capable of maximising efficacy with a safe and natural way. The characteristic advantage of the line is that its products are in fact “skin boosters”: products with dynamic, complex and technologically advanced formulas, which boost and enhance the natural processes and functions of the skin.
Skin Boosters line is based on innovative ingredients and technology and offers the aesthetics industry formulas fully conforming to global scientific trends in skincare and most recent scientific achievements. In the context of “state-of-the-art” cosmetics creation, all products of Skin Boosters line are characterised by maximum safety to human health.

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