IBX Nails

When you come for your first appointment I will assess the condition of your nails and this will determine the number of treatments you may require.


It is an ongoing treatment and can achieve amazing results




IBX Repair and Restore - FirstTreatment


IBX Repair and Restore - Follow on treatments


Add onto any Manicure (OPI or Shellac Paint)

£5 Extra

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IBX is the first treatment of its kind. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services.


The IBX application process is designed for ultimate penetration into the nail plate. (Apply like polish, and penetrate into the nail with heat. Blot the excess. Cure with your favorite LED light. It’s as simple as that.)


IBX is a new kind of salon service, offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability, starting from the INSIDE OUT.



IBX actually fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN). This patent pending formula locks itself within the nail plate–a permanent addition that will never need removal.


Think of IBX as a built-in insurance policy for Gel Polish clients, simultaneously toughening the natural nail and protecting against frequent and potentially damaging removal.

Especially for continuous wear clients, IBX offers the level of strength and safety their natural nails deserve.